Deer Steak Medallions


Doesn't matter if you use the Tenderloin or the Flank roast. It ALWAYS turns out good and Tender. Depending on number of people serving,


  • take 1 flank or 1 Tenderloin and cut it into small medallions (approximately 1" x 3") with the thickness at around 1/2", try to cut across the grain if possible.

    You will need a Large Mixing bowl

  • Mix in a bowl, 1/3 cup of "Dale's" sauce (from Kroger or any major store) and 2/3 cup of Vegetable oil (corn/cooking oil will work, but vegetable oil is best) and mix this up so that it is NOT separated, then dump in all your cut deer medallions.. put in refrigerator for approximatly 30 minutes mixing every so often

  • Fire up the grill and cook on a Med-High setting or until the charcoal is nice and white

  • cook on each side for approximately 4-5 minutes (or however you like it) watch the steaks... when blood starts welling up on the top of the steak, it's time to turn them over. Note: The vegetable oil makes them tender... the Dales is for flavor... so basically any type of sauce that you like for flavor can be substituted, but believe me, the Dales is THE Best.



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