Javelina Leg & Jasmine Rice



  • Javelina Leg
  • Two cans cambells cream of mushroom soup
  • Cubed carrots
  • Cubed potatoes
  • Cubed celery
  • Jasmine rice


I like to take a rear leg of javelina (depending on the size of the animal) and put in a slow cooker overnight. I add two cans of cambells cream of mushroom soup, salt and pepper to taste. I may add cubed potatoes, carrots, celery if available. You can also try two cans of cream of celery. The next day pull bones out shred meat so all can enjoy and put over a bed of rice. I use jasmine rice found in oriental food stores. Jasmine rice in the recipe submitters opinion is the best rice in the world. It's grown in Thailand. If you don't have a rice cooker you can experiment making it with a micro wave.


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