• two to three pounds stew meat, (antelope, venison, elk) cut into large bite-sized pieces
  • juice of one lemon, or juice of one-half grapefruit
  • salt to taste
  • minced chile pepper, or ground cayenne pepper or red pepper
  • two tablespoons palm oil, or peanut oil or vegetable
  • oil two onions, chopped
  • six to eight ripe tomatoes, chopped (or canned tomatoes)
  • greens (such as spinach, collards, or similar); washed and cut into pieces
  • (optional) one cup of - peanut butter



Mix together the meat, juice, salt, and hot pepper. Allow to marinate for a half hour or more. Heat the oil in a large pot or Dutch oven. Add the onions, and cook for a few minutes. Add the meat and cook until it is browned. Add the tomatoes and a few cups of water. Reduce heat. Add the peanut butter, and greens Cover and simmer on low heat until meat is tender, about an hour. Serve over rice




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